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Holistic Security Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

  • Join us early in the design phase to preemptively address vulnerabilities, saving time and money.
  • Get targeted vulnerability testing for finished projects, and customized security training for your development and operations teams.
  • Even non-technical staff benefit from our specialized training, enhancing overall security posture.
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How It Works

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Step 1: Contact Us

Reach out to usto discuss your training needs. We offer both specific and custom-tailored training options.

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Step 2: Training

Our experts deliver the training to your team, ensuring everyone gains valuable skills and knowledge.

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Step 3: Ongoing Support

We stay in touch for further assistance, updates, and additional training opportunities.

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Meet our Founder

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Márk Módly

IT Security & Development Expert, Certified Chief Security Architect and Trainer

In 2002, I launched my first website and quickly realized the transformative power of the web. That era marked the dawn of Web 2.0, a landscape filled with interactive forums, web games, and blogs. But with new opportunities came new challenges, particularly in the realm of cybersecurity. Malicious actors started exploiting software vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to user data and financial systems.

These early experiences made it clear that functional design wasn't enough; robust security measures were essential. As a result, I delved deep into internet security. The industry responded too, with specialized firms emerging to conduct preventive security audits. Yet, despite these advancements, vulnerabilities persisted.

In 2019, an SQL injection attack was confirmed to have influenced the U.S. election. This was a vulnerability known for over fifteen years, and its mitigation techniques were well-documented. The issue often lies in the limited time security specialists have for comprehensive testing, leading to the release of flawed programs.

To truly secure our digital landscape, we, as developers, need to be well-versed in best security practices. That's the mission behind our training programs.

What Our Trainees Are Saying

They said about us...

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“ The instructor was fully prepared. He willingly shared his knowledge regarding any questions or problems that arose. ”

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“ It would be good to have a longer course with the presenter. I think more such lectures are needed for a deeper, more detailed understanding of individual topics. ”

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“ I am very satisfied with the training! I got more from it than I expected. What I find most appealing is that Márk was so attentive to laypeople as well: if someone didn't understand something, he willingly explained it. I gained very useful knowledge from this training. Thank you. ”

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“ Márk's decades of experience in the web world make him one of the region's most versatile IT experts. As a university student, he hacked my first website - and has been teaching me a lot about secure web development ever since. The secret to his practicality is that, alongside teaching, he performs real design and security tasks, so his knowledge is tested in real-world situations every day. I recommend his courses to everyone, from non-IT personnel to specialist experts. ”

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“ The material brought me a lot of new information, but there was not enough time allocated to the topics for me to practice them enough to tackle the complexity of the final tasks. However, this is my shortcoming, not that of the material or the instructor. ”

  • Anonymous Participant

    Modern IT service training for undisclosed company

  • Anonymous Participant

    Modern IT service training for undisclosed company

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    Secure Software Development training for undisclosed company

  • Balázs Kiss

    Senior Full stack developer, Team Lead

  • Course Participant

    Java CDI Security training for undisclosed company

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